Arrows : Movement

Button Z : Choose action


  Attack: Deals damage to the oponnent

  Heal:  recover HP

  Targeting: Slowdown the roulette speed

  Buff :  Multiply the value of the next action

  Miss :  nothing

  Bomb:  choose it to defuse or will explode!

All buffs and speed slowness are reset after 3 actions. You can make a Special Combo if you do the same actions 3 times in a row.

Art & Programming by Nicolás Flores ( nicorachi )

Music by Andres Carreño ( Aka-P )

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(9 total ratings)
AuthorNicolás Flores
GenreRole Playing
TagsGame Boy, GBJam, Pixel Art


Slotmachine RPG.rar 20 MB


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Fun but very unfair in my opinion.


This was fun!

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A super cool and creative concept! I enjoyed the game a lot.

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holy crap the final boss was intense


very nice


Amazing combat system :)




Wow ! I'm just in love with this concept ! It deserves a bigger production ! :D


Neat little game! The battles + art were super fun.


the pixel art was super cute and the roulette wheel was a great system

I like how the enemy got to mess with your wheel IF you let them by not attacking